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The Sagittal Appliance

The Sagittal is a removable brace with active screw and a bite surface. The Sagittal is inconspicuous, safe and comfortable to wear. You are fortunate to have the opportunity for sagittal treatment. What is the purpose of the sagittal? The purpose is to increase the arch length and correct crowded teeth. Each time you bite, swallow, or talk the appliance is activated and exerts gentle pressure on the teeth and dental arches and gives stability to the jaw joints. With your responsible partnership with the doctor the best results can be achieved in the least amount of time. Teamwork among the patient, parent and doctor is essential. If you have any questions about instructions or use of the Sagittal, please ask the doctor or staff member. Effort = Result

Patient Sagittal Instructions - For Fast Results

  1. The Sagittal is designed for full-time wear (24 hours a day).
  2. The Sagittal is worn for 6 – 9 months.
  3. You should always eat with the sagittal.
  4. Brush your teeth, tongue and gums after every meal. Rinse your mouth with water when brushing is not possible.
  5. Clean sagittals by brushing with toothpaste. Rinse with water. Caution: hot water will deform plastic.
  6. Rinse daily with fluoride rinse.
  7. Patient adjustment - Turn sagittal screws as directed
  8. Bring your Progress Report to each appointment.
  9. Please handle with care. When the sagittals are not in your mouth, keep it in the storage box. Never wrap in a napkin and never put in your pocket.
  10. Remove for swimming.

Unique Benefits of Treatment

Successful orthodontic care can have a great impact on your quality of life. A great smile can build confidence, and, as you already know, the benefits often include improved health. Other benefits generally include an attractive face, a broad, full smile, straight teeth, and healthy function of the jaw joints. Individual treatment results vary with patient age, health, cooperation with the doctor, and individual response.

Patient Information - For Fast Results!

  1. How to place the Sagittal - Place the Sagittal in your mouth, position on your teeth and then firmly “press” into place using your thumbs. Do not place the Sagittal with tongue and bite into place, it will break.
  2. How to remove the Sagittal - “Ease” off the teeth and remove from the mouth.
  3. Do not flip the Sagittal with your tongue, it will break.
  4. Patient Adjustments - Always turn screws as directed. Hold the Sagittal between the palm (fingers) and thumb of hand. Place the “key” into the screw hole and always turn the screw in the direction of the arrow.
  5. Full-time wear - The Sagittal is worn full-time, including schoold, work, sleep and while you eat. The exceptions are removal for cleaning and swimming (to avoid loss).
  6. Practice Speaking - Speaking may be difficult at first. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. With a little practice, speaking will be normal.
  7. Eat with Sagittal - For faster results, comfort, and to maintain proper fit it is extremely important to eat with the sagittal. Eating one meal with the appliance is equivalent to 24 hours of wear. Eating with the sagittal will become routine.
  8. Excessive Saliva - Excessive saliva will diminish in a few days.
  9. Comfort - The Sagittal is comfortable to wear. Tenderness of teeth is common the first few days, but should soon disappear.
  10. Caution: If you fail to wear your Sagittal as directed, longer treatment time and expense of new appliances may result. There is a fee to repair/replace lost, damaged, or distorted Sagittal appliances.

How you benefit from the Sagittal

The purpose of the Sagittal is to increase the arch length and correct crowded teeth. Extraction or non-extraction of teeth will influence the direction of Sagittal correction.

  1. Help straighten out crowding - make room for crowded teeth.
  2. Non-extractions - when second (12 year) molars are present, activating the Sagittal moves front teeth forward making space to align teeth. The bite may actually look worse for a time before the lower jaw is forward repositioned with a Functional Jaw Orthopedic (FJO) appliance.
  3. Arch development - The sagittal is often used to change the upper arch form so that the lower jaw can be forward repositioned with a Funcional Jaw Orthopedic (FJO) appliance.
  4. Deep Bite - in the common deep overbite case, the Sagittal opens the bite.
  5. TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint, Jaw Joints) - the Sagittal may be used to treat certain problems related to the jaw joints and facial pain.
  6. Orthodontics is easier, faster and more comfortable when the jaw relationship is corrected first. The Sagittal is the first phase appliance. Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces usually follows the Sagittal appliance and treatment time is greatly reduced. Seventy-five percent of the treatment is accomplished in this phase. Fixed braces may be used in conjunction with the Sagittal. There are many options.

When to call the office:

If you have any questions about the use of the Sagittal or a problem with your Sagittal, call our office. Do not leave the Sagittal out because it is “bothering” you, please let our staff adjust it.

Foods that need to be avoided while in Sagittal Appliances:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Hard, sticky foods
  3. No Jolly Ranchers or taffy
  4. Nuts, this also includes suflower seeds
  5. Ice
  6. Don’t chew on pencils or pen caps
  7. Hard bagels, Pizza crust, rolls, etc. Cut them up into small pieces
  9. Always cut up apples into small pieces
  10. No carrots unless they are cooked or shredded
  11. Only soft pretzels cut into small pieces
  12. Tortilla chips or hard shell tacos

Oral hygiene:

  1. Brush after each meal
  2. Floss daily. You may want to use a bridge threader to go underneath the wire
  3. Fluoride rinses are recommended like OxyFresh rinse or Prevident toothpaste
  4. Electric toothbrush, we recommend the Oral-B 3D toothbrush
  5. For pain or discomfort take Advil, Ibuprofen as recommended
  6. Dental check-ups recommended every 4 months

Eating the wrong foods can cause an appliance to break and may cause delay in treatment. Following all the instructions will result in a nice healthy smile. Additional fees may incur after appliance breakage.

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