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Vital Pulpotomy Care Instructions

We have just completed a procedure called a "vital pulpotomy". Simply put, we have removed part of the pulp (nerve) from the inside of the tooth, placed a soothing medication, and covered it with a temporary filling. This is an emergency procedure which is usually successful in reducing or eliminating pain.

Although you should feel considerable relief when the anesthetic wears off, some soreness is to be expected. Due to the unpredictable amount of internal breakdown, the amount of improvement cannot always be accurately predicted, and further treatment may be needed to provide you with relief. Take medication for pain as needed. Ibuprophen ( such as Advil or Nuprin) is usually quite effective. Please call our office at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

A pulpotomy is meant only as a temporary measure for relief of a painful condition. You will need further treatment, usually endodontic therapy (root canal), to save the tooth. Please don't put off continued care. An untreated pulpotomy almost always leads to painful abscess formation and possible tooth loss.

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